Beginning & History:


            Southern Charm Antiques, owned by Gregory L. Richards  with the assistance of  manager Jack A. Tamplin, began over thirty  years ago in Savannah, GA.  With collections growing to large for my home, it was decided with the help of antique dealers, whom I had known for years, to take the excess and start doing the monthly market in Charleston, SC.  This presented the opportunity to limit what collections I had decided for my own and what would be sold.  

            After particpating in the Charleston Antique Market for several months, the promoter of this venue encouraged me to expand into the Nelson Garrett Antique Shows done quarterly in Charleston, SC.   Southern Charm Antiques was started as a formal business at that time and the Grandiflora Southern Magnolia was incorporated as the logo for the business.  This led to the beginning of several years participating in the antique show circuit covering the states of Georgia, South Carolina and Florida.  

             Suddenly as word got out about Southern Charm Antiques(SCA) and the collections being offered, more and more show venues were presented for participation.  Having a full time career in another field, it became harder to schedule all the events that were being offered.  A search for a fixed location, along with the antique shows that could be scheduled, led to the leasing of a small booth in a antique mall here in Savannah.  

             When the revitalization of Broughton Street, the old main business street in Savannah, began to blossom into something more than just a dream, the opportunity to lease a much larger space in a large antique mall became a reality.  Paticipating in antique shows stopped at this time because it became increasingly more difficult to move merchandise due to the restraints of being located in a mall setting.  Three years after being at this location it became possible to look for a second outlet here in Savannah.  At that time a small but limited dealer association formed at a prime location affording SCA a chance to expand.  This second location was more in line with the direction I wanted the business to grow, leading to the closing of the Broughton Street location.  

             After a year and eight months in this association it was time for SCA to have another growth phase.  With the increasing growth of the internet and continual upgrading of merchandise that had been accomplished over the years, it was time to expand into the cyber world of the  internet.  

             SCA's direction was devoted to having a on-line endeavor along with a fixed loaction.  We are now on the internet and have a shop in Savannah independently owned by myself and managed with the help of Mr. Tamplin.